【Wine knowledge】Which is healthier, red wine or white wine?

In popular perception, red wine is made from red grapes, and white wine is naturally made from white grapes. However, HongKong Winetrader would like to tell you an amazing fact, in fact, red grapes can also be made into white wine!

In fact, the reason why red wine is different from white wine is that red wine is made from whole grapes, and the presence of grape skins gives red wine a deep red to purple color, as well as rich flavor and tannin mouthfeel. White wine is made using only grape juice, after removing the grape skins and seeds, making the white wine present a clear color and light taste.

Of course, in addition to the differences in winemaking methods, red wine and white wine also have obvious differences in flavor characteristics.

Red wine is rich in polyphenolic compounds, especially tannins, due to its contact with grape skins. These polyphenolic compounds give red wine its complex taste and give it flavors of red fruit, spices and even chocolate. In addition, the flavors of red wines evolve with age, taking on softer and more complex characteristics.

In contrast, white wine is more fresh and fruity because it does not touch the grape skins. It can have aromas of fruit, flowers, citrus, etc., and is usually lighter and easier to drink than red wine.

Which is healthier, red wine or white wine? According to research, grape skins and grape seeds contain more substances that are beneficial to human health, so red wine made from whole grapes is more beneficial to health than white wine. However, HongKong Winetrader are here to remind everyone that whether you are a red wine lover or a white wine lover, moderate drinking and a healthy lifestyle are always the keys to good health.

* Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


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