招聘助理物业经理 Assistant Property Manager Wanted

Assistant Property Manager Wanted (4/1×2)For more than forty years, MMS Group and its affiliates (Arco Management, TUC Management and GoldOller Real Estate Investments) has been dedicated to quality property management. Our growing portfolio exceeds 40,000 residential units and includes high-rise luxury buildings, affordable housing cooperatives, subsidized rental properties, supportive housing, and conventional apartment buildings. Our clients include progressive building owners, governmental agencies, real estate entrepreneurs, financiers, not-for-profit organizations, and cooperative and condominium boards. While each community and client are unique, each shares our singular commitment to excellence.If you are interested in joining a growing team of dedicated professionals in our high-tech environment, then we invite you to learn more about MMS career opportunities. We offer competitive salaries and benefits and afford our employees the ability for growth and advancement through continuous training and education programs. Contact us today to see how you can achieve your MMS Edge.We are seeking an experienced Assistant Property Manager for an 88 unit residential property location on the lower east side of New York City.The Assistant Property Manager will be responsible, under the direction of the Property Manager, for assisting with the overall management of the operation. Above all else, the spirit of teamwork and cooperation with other team members will not only improve the job you do but enhance the entire work experience.Duties and Responsibilities◼ Maintain a professional image and attitude in keeping the objectives of Management and residents’ welfare.◼ Assist in adherence to the Policy Handbook and Procedures Manual.◼ Prepare and maintain complete resident and general office files.◼ Assist in showing units and screening applicants.◼ Assist in certifying residents’ income.◼ Assist in collection of rents and preparation of receipts.◼ Prepare late notices and notices to pay rent.◼ Work with manager regarding legal proceedings.◼ Maintain records of rental levels of comparable units in surrounding areas.◼ Maintain tickler files for annual apartment inspections.◼ Assist in annual unit inspection process.◼ Assist in keeping the apartment condition and status chart up-to-date.◼ Assist in scheduling vacant units for refurbishing and occupancy.◼ Assist in maintenance work order system and in following purchase order procedures.◼ Order office supplies within established budgeted guidelines.◼ Assist in maintaining all required inventories for project supplies and equipment.◼ Assist in advertising preparation.◼ Assist in maintaining the required computer postings.◼ Assist in typing and/or maintaining weekly and monthly reports.◼ Compose and type correspondence and documents.◼ Answer the phone and greet residents and visitors pleasantly and professionally.◼ Maintain professional communication with residents, applicants, and representatives of other companies.Qualifications for this Position◼ Minimum one-year property management experience.◼ Ability to complete tenant certifications.◼ Strong organizational skills.◼ Minimum high school education or equivalent.◼ Proficient use of computer, computer operating systems and standard office equipment.◼ Ability to work well with and troubleshoot resident/client issues.◼ Capable of performing duties of the Property Manager in their absence.Equal Opportunity EmployerContact:

招聘助理物业经理(4 / 1×2)四十多年来,MMS集团及其附属机构(Arco管理,TUC管理和GoldOller房地产投资)一直致力于优质的物业管理。我们不断增长的投资组合超过40,000个住宅单元,包括高层豪华建筑,经济适用住房合作社,补贴性租赁物业,支持性住房和常规公寓楼。我们的客户包括先进的建筑业主,政府机构,房地产企业家,金融家,非营利组织以及合作社和共管公寓委员会。虽然每个社区和客户都是独特的,但每个人都分享我们对卓越的独特承诺。如果您有兴趣在我们的高科技环境中加入一支不断壮大的专业团队,那么我们邀请您了解有关MMS职业机会的更多信息。我们提供具有竞争力的薪水和福利,并通过持续的培训和教育计划为我们的员工提供成长和进步的能力。立即联系我们,以了解如何实现您的MMS梦想。我们正在寻找经验丰富的助理物业经理,该物业位于纽约市下东区,拥有88个单位的住宅物业。助理物业经理将在物业经理的指导下负责协助运营的整体管理。最重要的是,团队合作精神以及与其他团队成员的合作精神不仅可以改善您的工作,而且可以改善整个工作经验。义务和责任◼保持职业形象和态度,以实现管理目标和居民福利。◼协助遵守《政策手册和程序手册》。◼准备并维护完整的居民和普通办公室文件。◼协助展示房子和筛选申请人。◼协助证明居民的收入。◼协助收取租金和准备收据。◼准备延迟通知和支付租金的通知。与经理一起处理法律诉讼。◼保持周边地区可比单元的租金水平记录。◼维护文件以进行年度公寓检查。◼协助进行年度单位检查过程。◼协助保持公寓状况和状态图为最新。◼协助安排空置单位进行翻新和入住。◼协助维护工作订单系统和遵循采购订单程序。在既定的预算准则内订购办公用品。◼协助维护项目用品和设备的所有必需库存。◼协助广告准备。◼协助维护所需的计算机过帐。◼协助输入和/或维护每周和每月的报告。◼撰写并键入信件和文件。◼接听电话,愉快,专业地向居民和访客打招呼。◼与居民,申请人和其他公司的代表保持专业沟通。此职位的资格◼至少一年的物业管理经验。◼能够完成租户认证的能力。◼较强的组织能力。◼高中或以上学历或同等学历。◼熟练使用计算机,计算机操作系统和标准办公设备。◼能够很好地处理居民/客户问题并进行故障排除。◼能够在缺席的情况下履行物业经理的职责。机会均等雇主联系人

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