4 Family Building for Sale 4 家庭楼出售

4 Family Building for Sale (10/4×2)
4 family building for sale by owner in Richmond Hill, 11418. The asking price is 1.2 million. The exterior of the house was renovated in 2020, with newly updated roofing. Unfinished basement. Estimated income $6,500 a month from tenants. Close to J & E train. Q56 bus line walking distance. Great school area, and a variety of shops nearby. Hospital is 1 mile away. For inquiries call Netram: 917-640-1218.

4 家庭楼出售
Richmond Hill 11418号业主出售的4家庭楼房,要价120万。 房屋的外部于 2020 年进行了翻修,屋顶也进行了更新。 未完工的地下室。 来自租户的估计收入为每月 6,500 美元。 靠近 J & E 火车。 Q56公交线路步行距离。 很棒的学校区,附近有各种商店。 医院距离1 英里。 如需查询,请致电 Netram:917-640-1218。

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