Help Wanted 招工广告 3/15

Help Wanted (3/16)AB Plus is looking for an employee to work in our Carlstadt, NJ warehouse. Requirements are below.Requirements:- Must have at least 5-10 years experience working in logistics/warehouse.- Must have legal work authorization in the US.- Must be able to commute to Carlstadt, NJ.- Must be able to communicate in English.- Working Hours: 9am – 6pm.- Willing to have a background check performed by the company.If you meet the requirements, please contact us at

招工(3/16)AB Plus正在寻找一名员工在我们位于新泽西州卡尔斯塔德的仓库工作。 要求如下:-必须具有至少5-10年在物流/仓库工作的经验。-必须在美国具有法律工作授权。-必须能够到新泽西州卡尔斯塔特。-必须能用英语交流。-工作时间:上午9点至下午6点。-愿意由公司进行背景调查。如果您符合要求,请通过abplusny@gmail.com与我们联系。

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