144-11 29th Avenue Flushing, NY 11354
OPEN HOUSE June 16, 17th 1200 to 400PM, June 18th 1000AM to 100PM
NO BROKERS, UNLESS YOU HAVE CASH OFFER OF AT LEAST 1 MM, WITH PROOF OF FINANCING, NAME OF ATTORNEY. Brokers with aforementioned criterion 1% commission. Do not call me, just show up with your written offer.
BUYERS WITH CASH DEALS. Show up with bank statements from US banks and a drivers license showing intended buyer, and correlating with name on bank statements, name and all contact information, including email address for attorney.
BUYERS WITH FINANCING. Show up with pre approval letter from US entity, and bank statements to show able to put down minimum 30% down AND 10% deposit on purchase price. ALL information for attorney, including name, address, email and phone number. Deal must close within 2 1/2 months from contract date. IF for any reason the seller defaults on contract, $100, per day from contract to non performance will be forfeit from deposit. EXAMPLE June 1st contract, Sept 1st default….$100 x 92 = $9200.00
Home is AS IS… exactly what that means.
Has updated kitchen, windows, roof and new oil fired boiler. Is 50 minuted from NYC and 20 minuted from downtown Main Street. It has a southern sunny exposure, on one of the best blocks in northern Flushing with beautiful trees and neighbors.
Serious inquiries only Tom 917 743 8571 THERE ARE EXISTING OFFERS ON HOUSE

144-11 29th Avenue Flushing,NY 11354
开放时间 6月16日17日,上午1200时至下午4时,6月18日上午10时至下午1时
融资买家。显示通过美国贷款的批准函,银行报表显示能够首付最低30%和10%的购买价格的押金。所有律师信息,包括姓名,地址,电子邮件和电话号码。交易必须在合约日期的2 1/2个月内完成。如果出于任何原因,卖方违约合同,每天从合同到非履约时的每100美元将被没收。例如:6月1日合约,9月1日违约默认… $ 100 x 92 = $ 9200.00
已更新厨房,窗户,屋顶和新燃油锅炉。离纽约市50分钟,离Main Street市中心20分钟。它有一个南部的阳光照射,在法拉盛北部最好的块之一与美丽的树木和邻居。

认真的买家请查询: 汤姆917 743 8571 现在已有房子买家出价

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