House for Sale 房子出售 12/18

House for Sale (12/18)
Large mint brick 6 family house in Ridgewood New York 11385. Asking price $1,629,000.00. NEW TO THE MARKET WON’T LAST. 3 bedrooms in each unit.
One vacancy at closing. Two free market rent units. Great for an investment or a 1031 tax exchange.
Please contact Bridget Smyth Lic.Assoc broker at Capri Jet Realty at 718 791 4862 to schedule an appointment.

大型好砖6家庭住宅,位于纽约Ridgewood,11385.要价$ 1,629,000.00。 新上市,将不会太久。 每个单元3间卧室。
过户后有一个空房。 两个自由市场租金单位。 非常适合投资或1031税务交换。
请致电718 791 4862, 联系Capri Jet Realty的Bridget Smyth Lic.Assoc经纪人,以安排预约。

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