HOUSE FOR SALE 房子出售 9/22

House for Sale (9/23)
House for sale at Levittown Long Island. It is in a great location. The schools are on the block. So you don’t have to take a bs to go to school for the kids. Supermarket, bank, bakery bagel shop and a new Homedepot within walking distance. The firehouse with in walking distance too. It’s a cape with 3 bedrooms and a bedroom which is converted to a computer room. Everything is updated, even the window. To get in touch with the seller, email
房屋出售在Levittown长岛。 地点特佳。 学校正在这个街上。 所以你不必乘坐公车送孩子们去上学。 超市,银行,面包店和一个新的Homedepot步行距离内。 消防站也在步行距离。 这是一个平房,有3间卧室和一间被改装成电脑室的卧室。 一切都更新的,包括窗口。 要与卖家联系,请发送电子邮件至。

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