Live in Housekeeper Wanted, Long Island 招聘长岛住家管家

Live in Housekeeper Wanted, Long Island (4/18)
A married couple of 48 plus years is seeking a full-time live in female to care for our home and pets. We have one large friendly dog and 2 cats, no children at home. 5 bedroom home on a park like setting with pool and Koi pond, ( only one bedroom in use.). Duties include housekeeping, laundry and pet care. Applicant must be able to communicate well in English. Position comes with private bedroom and bathroom. Compensation based on experience and circumstances. If this is of interest to you please call. 631-944-2608 for additional information.

一对 48 多岁的夫妇正在寻找全职女性来照顾我们的家和宠物。 我们有一只友好的大狗和 2 只猫,家里没有孩子。 5 间卧室的家,像在公园内,设有游泳池和锦鲤池(仅使用一间卧室。)。 职责包括家政、洗衣和宠物护理。 申请人必须能够用英语进行良好的沟通。 你有自己的卧室和浴室。根据经验和情况付工资。
如果您对此感兴趣,请致电。 631-944-2608 了解更多信息。

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