Nail Salon for Sale 出售美甲沙龙

Nail Salon for Sale (11/24)

Nail salon has been opened for 8 year, located at town of Newburgh NY ( 1 hour from Newyork city). White customers base, good tips, just remodeled, all new pedicures chair, and manicure tables, right now income from 4,500 to 5,500 , summer income up to $9000, rent $1,550 water included, Lease can be renew 5 years and 5 years options . Price $70,000 . Serious inquires, ( can stay in the salon to see the income) please call 845 5493620.

位于纽约州纽堡市(距纽约市1小时)的美甲沙龙已开业8年。 白人顾客群,良好的技巧,刚刚改过的,所有新的修脚椅和修指甲桌,现在的收入从4,500到5,500,夏天的收入高达9000美元,包括租金1,550美元的水,租赁可以续期5年+5年。 价格$ 70,000。 认真购买人去查询,(可以留在沙龙看收入)请致电 845 5493620。

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