Nails Salon for Sale 美甲 沙龙出售(2/23)

Nails Salon for Sale (2/23)
Pretty, cozy Nails salon located in Manalapan township, NJ 07726, has 8 tables and 5 pedicures chairs just remodeled and ready to own by a family best. Owner has a new job and can not manage both. It is in a busy location, across from an enormous new development expanding in a few years. If interested, please call Yuri at 215-917-3824 for more information. Please leave a message, she will call you back ASAP.

漂亮、舒适的美甲沙龙位于新泽西州马纳拉潘镇,邮编 07726,有 8 张桌子和 5 把修脚椅,刚刚改建并准备好由家庭拥有。 所有者有了一份新工作,无法同时管理两者。 它位于一个繁忙的位置,对面是一个巨大的新开发项目,几年后正在扩大。 如果有兴趣,请致电 215-917-3824 与 Yuri 联系以获取更多信息。 请留言,她会尽快给您回电。

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