Property Manager Wanted 招聘物业经理

Property Manager Wanted (8/22 x2)
High-Tech and Fast-Growing Real Estate Firm
For more than forty years, Multifamily Management Services (“MMS”) and its affiliates (Arco Management, TUC Management, and GoldOller Real Estate Investments) has been dedicated to quality property management. With just 400 apartment units at its genesis, MMS has grown to 30,000 units nationwide with a diversified portfolio including affordable senior/multifamily, conventional senior/multifamily and commercial properties. We are one of the largest firms in the country. If you are interested in joining a growing team of dedicated professionals in our high-tech environment, then we invite you to learn more about MMS career opportunities. We offer competitive salaries and benefits and afford our employees the ability for growth and advancement through continuous training and education programs. Contact us today to see how you can achieve YOUR MMS Edge.

We are seeking an experienced Property Manager for a property in New York City, NY Chinatown area. The Property Manager will be under the direction of the Regional Manager, for the overall management of site operations and supervision of maintenance of the physical property. Above all else, the spirit of teamwork and cooperation with other team members will not only improve the job you do but enhance the entire work experience.
Must speak Cantonese
Duties and Responsibilities
• Collect rent and maintain computer records; Follow-up delinquent accounts and pursue collections in accordance with established procedures
• Monitor expenses to ensure spending is within guidelines.
• Maintain tenant files and related documentation regarding continuing eligibility and adjustments.
• Show vacant apartments utilizing professional marketing procedures.
• Address resident concerns in a professional manner.
• Hire, train, and supervise site staff and oversee overall maintenance of the property.
• Conduct property inspections.
• Complete income verifications to ensure eligibility with government regulations.
• Handle the financial operations of the properties.
• Knowledge of Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) rules and regulations.
• Knowledge of laws and standards that apply to property management, such as Fair Housing Laws, Landlord-Tenant Law, OSHA Standards, local and state building codes.

Qualifications for this Position
• High school education or equivalent.
• Must have excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
• Three+ years of multi-family residential management experience – minimum two years affordable housing experience
• Ability to work independently, organize tasks, manage time and prioritize projects
• Must have experience in Section 8 voucher submission, tax-credit and OneSite Software
• LIHTC Certification, preferred
Include compensation request with resume
Equal Opportunity Employer

四十多年来,Multifamily Management Services(“MMS”)及其附属公司(Arco Management,TUC Management和GoldOller Real Estate Investments)一直致力于优质物业管理。 MMS在其成立仅有400套公寓单元,在全国范围内已发展到30,000套,拥有多元化的产品组合,包括经济实惠的高级/多户住宅,传统的高级/多户住宅和商业物业。我们是该国最大的公司之一。如果您有兴趣加入我们高科技环境中不断壮大的专业团队,那么我们邀请您了解有关MMS职业发展机会的更多信息。我们提供有竞争力的薪酬和福利,并通过持续的培训和教育计划为员工提供增长和进步的能力。立即联系我们,了解如何实现您MMS生涯。

•了解适用于物业管理的法律和标准,例如“公平住房法”,“房东 – 租客法”,“OSHA标准”,地方和州楼房法规。

•必须具备出色的计算机技能,包括Microsoft Office(Word,Excel,Outlook)
•三年以上的多户住宅管理经验 – 至少两年的经济适用住房体验

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