SE Florida Established Chinese Restaurant for sale! 东南佛罗里达州成功中餐馆出售

SE Florida Established Chinese Restaurant for sale! (4/26×2)All restaurant equipment including wok stations and BBQ Roaster along with all cookware and flatware. High traffic area in a well established neighborhood with a population of almost 200,000. Owners are retiring and very negotiable. They will stay and train for 1 month. This turn key restaurant does a tremendous amount of carry out business and sit down dining. Available immediately and asking price of $135,000. Contact me directly with any questions. or (772) 370-8904.东南佛罗里达州成功中餐馆出售!所有餐馆设备包括炒锅和烧烤炉以及所有炊具和餐具。 交通便利地区,人口近20万,人口众多。 业主正在退休并且很容易谈价格。 他们将留下并训练1个月。 这个即可开业的餐馆有大量的外卖和堂吃业务。 即可过户,要价135,000美元。 如有任何问题,请直接与我联系 或(772)370-8904。

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